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A lot of writers tell me that publication isn't necessarily their goal, but I've come to believe that whatever your dreams, writers want to be proud of their work. To feel like they've written something worthwhile when they hand it to a friend or an editor. One way to feel good about your writing is to take the time to assess: Am I telling a story or saying what I mean to say? Do I have clear, vivid characters? The worksheets and guides in this section will help you take your writing and storytelling skills to the next level, whether you're using them to figure out an early draft or polish up a revision.

The key is to remember that no idea is born fully formed. It's over time, as you read your work and make changes, that it becomes that piece you love so much. So try using these worksheets at different parts of the writing process to see how the insights change.

When you get stuck, you are not a bad writer and it doesn’t mean you should quit. You just need a little space and a place to start.
— Alissa Johnson, WritingStrides

Your tools

  • Story Explained
    One take on what makes a story a story. Helpful when you're thinking through the story you might write or as a way to reflect on a rough draft you've already written.
  • Finding Your Story
    One purpose of revisions is to identify what your story is about and then make changes that enhance that story. Use this worksheet to identify the story you're telling.
  • What your character wants. 
    Understanding what a character wants can help you understand what choices he or she will make, and how that might drive the story.
  • Your character's inner and outer world.
    The better you know your character, the more you can make him or her feel like a real person. This worksheet helps you understand the difference between how your character acts in public and what s/he really thinks!
  • Common Issues with Style
    A compilation of common issues I see in early drafts. These can be great to look over when you're working on revisions.

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