Welcome to the Writer's Toolbox! Here you'll find an array of WritingStrides original worksheets, guides and audio recordings to help you navigate the writing process. Think of it as your DIY kit, something you can check out when you're not sure what to do next or want a little extra guidance in your writing. 

Toolbox and Annual Members! My last session of the Clear Focused Writers Workshop is taking place at the end of the month. You can check it out and find a link to register with a 10% discount here: http://resources.writingstrides.com/workshopfall2017.

It's a great way to write something new, renew your commitment to your writing and gain some new tools for working through stumbling blocks. Do use the link above for the discount, however. It can't be applied after the fact! I hope you'll join us. It's a great time!

The Toolbox has been divided into three categories: 

  • Showing Up: In other words, resources to help you navigate the writing process itself. What does a clear and focused writing process look like? What can you do when you're feeling completely stuck? 
  • Writing Elements: These are tools related to telling the story you want to tell and saying what you mean to say. How do you develop a believable character? What is a story anyway?
  • Writers Lab Library: You'll find recordings of all Writers Lab sessions so you can access them at any time. Great for those moments when you feel like writing, but want a place to start and a direction to head.


Don't see a tool for the task at hand? Let me know! 

We'll be adding to the toolbox every month based on discussions in the Studio, resources developed for workshops and YOUR requests. So send 'em our way: inspiredwritersstudio@gmail.com.