Need a little inspiration? Try these writing sessions as a way to get in the flow and have a little fun. 


writing leads to more writing

It's easy to feel like every piece of writing you create needs to "matter" but why make writing so serious? When you make time for writing that's unrelated to your current project, you give yourself a gift: the chance to show up at the page without pressure. Even when you feel like you're writing about the most ridiculous thing possible, the rewards are plentiful. You discover new ideas. You create muscle memory, so that it's easier to sit down and work on the projects that "matter". And most important, you get to have fun and remember why you write in the first place.

Every time you show up for your writing, you show up for yourself.
— Alissa Johnson, WritingStrides


Writers Lab #1: Nature and Description.

Writers Lab #2: Goals and Expectations

Writers Lab #3: Writing and Trust

Writers Lab #4: Dialogue

Writers Lab #5: Year End Reflection

Writers Lab #6: Conveying Emotion

Writers Lab #7: Course Correction

Writers Lab #8: Flow

Writers Lab #9: Exploring ideas old and new

Writers Lab #10: Lightening the Mood

Put the fun back into your writing. This session is perfect if you've lost your energy for writing or a project, or you've been taking things too seriously.

Writers Lab #11: Letting Writing Lead the Way

It's so easy to get focused on goals and productivity, but sometimes the magic happens when you let go of all that pressure. This Writers Lab is all about loosening the reins and giving yourself permission to just write. 

Writers Lab #12: Play

Or adventure. Or exploration. The theme itself is up to you. In this Writers Lab we explore how to stop taking things so seriously and bring a more lighthearted mindset to your writing. Because you never know what you'll discover as a result!