Your Writers Labs for October

This month Julia and I picked out three of our favorite Writers Labs to help you in your month of doing!


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Check out these Writers Labs from the recent past:

Just write: The perfect antidote to thinking about your writing more than you’re writing is to just write. So that’s what we do in this month’s lab. Whether you’ve been focused on goals, priorities, outlining, planning or something else, if you’re ready to write, we’re here for you!


What it means to be a writer: There are so many ways to be a writer, but the only one that really matters is your way. This Writers Lab will help you explore what it means for you to be a writer so you can use that knowledge to find your way forward.


Play: Or adventure. Or exploration. The theme itself is up to you. In this Writers Lab we explore how to stop taking things so seriously and bring a more lighthearted mindset to your writing. Because you never know what you'll discover as a result!


Letting Writing Lead the Way: It's so easy to get focused on goals and productivity, but sometimes the magic happens when you let go of all that pressure. This Writers Lab is all about loosening the reins and giving yourself permission to just write. 

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Don't forget. You'll always find the bonus Writers Lab session on the Studio homepage if you are looking for some guidance!