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The Inspired Writers Studio is designed with simplicity in mind. Just like a shared working space, we hope that it gives you a place to go when you need a little nudge to get writing. As we've watched the Studio evolve, we've seen it turn into a place where writers turn when they need to feel inspired, find their way back to their writing or celebrate their accomplishments.

Here are a few things to help understand what your membership includes and you find your way around:


The studio homepage is your portal to the Inspired Writers Studio. You'll find access to the private Facebook group, the Writers Lab and the Writer's Toolbox (learn more about each of these below). You'll also find the current month's theme/overview, a bonus session of the Writer's Lab, and any other materials for the month such as that month's weekly writing prompts or workbooks related to the month's theme. 

It's a good idea to check the homepage on the 1st of every month (or the next business day) so you can check out the monthly overview and have a sense for what's coming.


The Facebook group is where you'll find your writing community, and where *most* Studio communications will happy. We say most because you will receive emails from Julia twice a month to help you stay on top of everything we're doing. If you haven't already done so, request access HERE. Please allow 24 yo 72 hours to be approved, as we do take weekends off and check each request carefully to ensure it comes from a registered member.

Once you've joined the Facebook group, you'll find there's a flow to what we do: 



Every Tuesday, you'll be prompted to set intentions for how often you want to write and what you want to focus on during the coming week. Why Tuesday? Well, we kick off the week on Monday by reflected on the previous week. What went well and what do you wish had gone better? That way, when you set intentions on Tuesday, you know exactly where you're starting from. (And let's be honest... Mondays can be kind of crazy. Setting intentions on Tuesday is just easier because you've got your feet under you.)  


Writers Salons

Each month, we explore a different theme related to writing and your ability to move through the process freely. To do that, we come together on Wednesdays to explore the theme and learn. Sometimes, Alissa will broadcast to the group live, sharing insights and lessons. Other times, the Writers Salon will be an all-day affair. We'll share updates, writing excerpts or even write stories together. The monthly overview available on the home page will always tell you what to expect these days. And if you can't attend live? No problem. There will replays of all videos under the Videos tab.


*FUN STuff* and Writing Warmups

Sometimes, it's too easy to take writing too seriously. So toward the end of the week, you'll find fun and sometimes goofy posts to help us get to know each other. We've played two truths and a lie, shared our secret super powers (or at least what we wish they could be), and our favorite writing advice. These posts are always crowd pleasers! And on Fridays, you'll also be reminded the "writing warmups" are available. These are three writing prompts designed to get you to the page. 


Writing Parties 

From time to time, Julia will host impromptu writing parties. What does that mean? She'll gather folks who are available to write at the same time. We might not all be in the same room or the same state, but it's helpful to know you're not the only one at the page! And, the best part is that other members will do this too. Who knows? Maybe by the end of your first month you'll decide to start one too. 


And of course, you don't have to wait for any of these activities to make use of the Facebook group. Visit anytime to share articles, ask questions or check in. Alissa and Julia check regularly throughout the week (though we do take weekends for some screen free time), and the group is always there for you too. 



A new guided writing session is available on the 15th of every month for 10 days. You'll be notified on the Facebook page and find it on the website. Why only 10 days? One simple word: Procrastination. Our aim is to help you write more, not put it off!

You'll also find past Writers Labs in the Writers Toolbox



This is your library of writing worksheets, guides, audio recordings and Writers Lab sessions. Writers use it when they need help sitting down to write, want ideas specific to their project (like character development), or just want a little extra guidance. Just remember that what you see there now will grow over time. 

From time to time, we know that writers want one-on-one guidance to really dive into the particulars of their particular projects. Or, they want help busting through the blocks and doubts that are getting in the way of writing. You'll find options for private coaching with Alissa under Added Support. Her specialty is listening between the lines of what you say or write to zero in on whatever is most important. And once you understand that, everything else is easy!

Added Support 

If you'd like to change your membership level, you can do so at this LINK. You can review your options HERE. And if you want to cancel your membership, you can do that HERE. You'll need to be signed in to see your options.



Questions? Email or tag us in the Facebook group. Generally speaking, technical question, issues with the website or billing are best handled by email. Ditto if you're interested in private coaching. Writing questions can go straight to the Facebook group. 


The Inspired Writers Studio Team



Like you, I love writing—it adds meaning and purpose to my life. There's nothing like being in the flow, the story unfolding and the words growing on the page.

And yet. There are days when it doesn't flow. When I question whether I'm approaching a project the right way. Or if the story is any good.

Experience has taught me that this doubt is not the voice of reason. It's simply part of the process. And it's my writing community that helps me stay on track every time. That's why I created the Inspired Writers Studio! So you can have a community too, helping you navigate the writing life.



I grew up writing and dreamed of being a writer. But sometime around college I convinced myself that writing was for other people, likely with more talent, and I needed to pick a more practical path. So while I wrote for fun and was always praised at work for my writing, I was definitely (safely) not a writer.

I found my way back to writing through a WritingStrides workshop. The writing poured out of me. Made me burst into tears. And filled me up with so much passion and purpose that I knew I had to keep going. I never looked back.

It hasn't been easy, the doubts still rear their ugly head, but I'm building up my toolbox of writing resiliency so I can keep going.